Laparoscopic Sterilisation

This must be looked on as permanent female contraception and the woman should be absolutely sure that she does not want any further pregnancies.  She must treat the sterilization as irreversible, even though reversal rates are quite good with tubal microsurgery.  Despite this there is a quoted failure rate of 1:1000. 

This procedure is performed via the laparoscope with tiny incisions in the abdomen.  Thus it is simple day case surgery with recovery within a couple of days.

The most common method of blocking the fallopian tubes is to place a Filshie clip across each tube and this blocks the tube permanently.  The clips are inert and do not cause any serious complications.  In long term follow up studies of thousands of women, this Filshie clip method has been found not to affect hormonal function, sexual function, hysterectomy risk, or periods. 

The contraceptive effect is immediate.