Advanced Hysteroscopic Surgery

Dr Marshall was one of the first surgeons to perform endometrial ablation in Australia and is recognized as a subspecialist in advanced hysteroscopic surgery.  In 1988-89 he trained and worked in England with the pioneers of this endoscopic (keyhole) surgery, such as Professor Chris Sutton and Mr Adam Magos. He then returned to Australia and commenced private practice in 1990.  Since then Brett has performed thousands of advanced hysteroscopic surgical procedures including:

  • endometrial resection
  • excision of endometrial polyps
  • excision of submucous fibroids (up to 6 cm)
  • treatment of intrauterine adhesions (Asherman’s syndrome)
  • treatment of intrauterine septae

He does receive referrals of difficult cases from other gynaecologists and he regularly teaches upcoming gynaecological specialists at the Royal Women’s Hospital in these techniques.  He is one of the most highly experienced surgeons for hysteroscopic surgery.

This surgery is day-case surgery and recovery is quick. It is very successful and many women have avoided hysterectomy or open surgery as a result.

This surgery can have risks including infection, bleeding and even perforation of the uterus and damage to other organs, such as the bowel In long or complex procedures, fluid can be absorbed into the body and can lead to fluid overload complications which can be serious. Therefore it is important for this specialized surgery to be done by an experienced subspecialist surgeon for safety and the best results.