Infertility means not being able to achieve pregnancy after twelve months of trying, but may need to be investigated earlier if there are abnormal symptoms such irregular periods or pelvic pain. Women who have recurrent miscarriages may also have causes similar to women who are infertile. There are many possible causes of infertility among males and females but the main causes fall into four general groups

  • Hormone or ovulation disorders
  • Pelvic pathology such as endometriosis or adhesions
  • Tubal factors such as blockage or endometriosis
  • Male factors

Up to 10% of infertility remains unexplained and some couples may end up requiring more intensive procedures such as IVF. In Dr Marshall’s practice the vast majority of couples are successfully treated for their infertility without the need for IVF. Brett will spend the time necessary to counsel you both and investigate all the possible causes thoroughly. He will explain the treatments in detail and follow you up personally.

Treatments and procedures

Dr Marshall has extensive experience in investigating and successfully treating infertility. He has a very caring and thorough approach, and understands that regular personal support and follow up is very important, so that your pregnancy can be achieved as soon as possible. Hormone investigations can be performed at the laboratory on site. Monthly telephone support is provided and surgery can be booked within weeks if needed. Marion, who has a nursing background, is Brett’s medical secretary and she also understands the needs of infertility couples, helping in their care for over 20 years.

Some of the treatments that may be required include:

  • Ovulation stimulation with medical therapy
  • PCOS with medical or surgical treatment
  • Hysteroscopic surgery for polyps, fibroids, or uterine abnormalities such as uterine septum
  • Endometriosis treated by advanced laparoscopic surgery including laser laparoscopy
  • Unblocking tubal blockage (laser neosalpingostomy, dividing adhesions)
  • Fibroids with hysteroscopic or laparoscopic surgery
  • Adhesions divided laparoscopically

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